All the Winds


traditional Lichfield


Morris Ring video, starts at 22:43 (1983)

Solo jig. Place for hats on the ground toward each cardinal direction (or, more commonly Up/Down/Left/Right). Prop up the side of the hat facing the center to make it easier for dancer to scoop it up with their foot.

Main idea of Figures 1-3: Spend 4 beats with each hat, visiting hats in clockwise order.. Beats 1 and 2 are two pulses/tiny jumps. Beat 3 varies. Beat 4 is the landing of a plain caper, leg extended as in the end of a castlering caper, usually 90 degree turned clockwise to face next hat (except the last time, where you stay facing the last hat).


Chorus (starting up)

Figure 1: Squats: Face up-hat. Beat 3: Big squat with hands on knees (traditional: hands palm-up). Repeat to each hat in clockwise order (R, down, L). End facing L ready to do chorus to L hat.

Chorus (starting left)

Figure 2: Diamond Jumps: Face L hat. Beat 3: landing of a jump with soles of feet touching (knees will be spread, legs forming a diamond shape). Repeat to each hat in CW order (up, R, down). End facing down ready to do chorus to down hat.

Chorus (starting down)

Figure 3: Star Jumps: Face down hat. Beat 3: landing of a star jump (as in castlering capers). Repeat to each hat in CW order (L, up, R). End facing right ready to do chorus to right hat.

Chorus (starting right)

Figure 4: Collect Hats: Beats 1-2 same pulses/tiny jumps. Beats 3-4: scoop up hat with foot, tossing it in the air and catching it and putting it on your head (on top of other hats), and turn to face next hat.

Ending: throw all hats in the air.


Chorus faces a different hat each time. Direction of choruses travels counterclockwise.

2 double steps: arc around left side of hat. Galley L.

Repeat (2 double steps returning back to center, galley L).

Music: Chorus to Cambric Shirt, figures to chorus of Blowing in the Wind