Barrows House

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Written by the men’s team of Marlboro Morris and Sword. Named after Barrows House Inn and Restaurant in Dorset, VT, where the dance was created.


First Virtuale, distanced at Marlboro College (2020)

Second Virtuale, at Retreat Meadows (2021)


Main Idea: Three person jig in a triangle (pointed up: one in front, two in back). Rotate clockwise after each part. Capers progress counter-clockwise.

4 double steps, 2 closed side step (first one with right foot, toward left), 2 swingbacks, step and jump

1st person capers (person in front), 2nd person capers (in back on stage right), 3rd person capers, everyone galleys

Rotate clockwise to new position at beginning of double steps

Everyone rotates in place clockwise at start of first double step before moving to new position. This means person in front rotates a bit less than 180, person in back on stage left roates 270, person in back on stage right rotates about 360.

Caper progression: Lichfield, Scissors, Castlering

Ending: After castlering capers, do one more rotation, which should bring everyone back to their starting positions. On the third double step, the 2 in back move up to form a line at front. Do side steps there, and end with 4 single capers (no swingbacks).

Walk off: stage right

Variations: With more dancers (6, 9, etc.), can dance two or more sets side by side (which ends dramatically with all dancers in a single line), or two sets facing, or whatever other creative geometries one might want. At times we have experimented with having dancers rotate among all 6 dancers, rather than in the set of 3.


Lead in: Once to self
Sequence: A 𝄆 AB 𝄇 A
Song: Over The Hills and Far Away (in the key of G)

Figures for For Eight

  • Litchfield Caper
  • Scissor Caper
  • Castlering Caper