Board Shorts

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Created by Windham during a lean year, when we’d often have few dancers at practices and gigs. We adapted many dances of our 8-person dances for 4, and this is one that worked well and became a favorite for its own sake. It is based on the chorus of Jean Boardman’s Cakes and the figures of Max Headroom.



Hanky dance, lined up in a “vertical line” with 1 up and 4 down, all facing up.

Musicians play once to themselves.

Step in Line: A simple adaptation of the 8-person Step in Line. 2 double steps in place, galley, 2 double steps in place, galley back home, end facing in to start chorus.

Which way do you galley? 1 and 3 galley L first, 2 and 4 galley R first.


Hey: Double stepping, middles start crossing by right shoulder (while ends do first double step in place, before heading off to their own right (before coming back left to cross right shoulders in the middle). In general, cross right shoulders in the middle, do a big counterclockwise loop on ends.

At end, stop one place from home, and then galley left towards home, crossing left shoulders with partner. End facing in for chorus.


Max Rounds: Main Idea: Travel in a big circle clockwise, turn around and travel counterclockwise, galley home.

2 double steps and then a galley L in clockwise circle. Ends start moving 90 degrees toward left (as in circle’s tangent), and middle move at about 45 degrees, between forward and left. To do galley, square in, and galley left along the line of the circle. With practice, one can move smoothly into the galley from the double steps so it happens with a leaping/running transition instead of a stop. In general, folks get a little less than halfway around the circle (ends don’t quite make it to the opposite end). Use the capers from the galley to face clockwise.

2 double steps back counterclockwise around circle, then galley home. For this galley, middles square out-ish and then galley L toward their home position, while ends square in and galley R around the circle toward home. Ends facing in for chorus.


Doubling Up: Like 8-person doubling up, but just one line. End facing in for chorus.

Chorus: Last chorus, end in “horizontal line”, going to these places after the “clump” in the middle instead of going home:


1  2  3  4


End facing up.


Main Idea: Swirling to Clump, Swirling and Galley Home

Swirling to Clump: Middle and Ends have different parts for first 4 double steps: Middles: pass by right shoulders, but then turn right and come back at roughly 4 or 5 o-clock (or maybe just 3?) relative to starting orientation, then turn left and loop back to join a small circle/clump in the middle

Ends: wait one double step, then go straight through to other side, turn left and and loop back to join a small circle/clump in the middle

Positions at end of 4th double step, facing in toward each other:


4    2

3    1


Swirling and Galley Home: In 2 double steps, everyone will travel counterclockwise to arrive at these positions (“one spot from home”):




Then square with left shoulder toward home, and galley left home, passing “left shoulders” with partner, so you land the galley facing each other before capering back to place, usually facing in to be ready for the next figure.


Ending: on last chorus, from the clump, travel counterclockwise to these positions in two doublesteps, then end facing up with plain capes in place


1  3  2   4