From Night Till Morn


Choreographed by Laurel Swift in 2023, introduced to Windham at the 2024 winter retreat at the Broad Brook Community Center in Guilford, Vermont. Slight adaptations followed.


From Night Till Morn in Practice (2024)

From Night Till Morn Last Chorus


Step in Line: outside foot, ends with plain capers and clash on beat 4


Crossing Over: outside foot, ends with plain capers, no clash


Back to Back: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash


Rounds for 4: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash


Doubling Up: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash



Main Idea: Sticking in X formation with crossings

Fight Sticking: 1+3, 2+4, 5+7, 6+8 do clashes:

  1. Forehand clash low
  2. Backhand clash low
  3. Forehand clash high (and outsides start moving out to X formation)
  4. Backhand clash high (outsides keep moving out)
  5. Take stick in both hands with left hand high and clash, while taking one step out along X, as if insides are pushing outside.
  6. Repeat two-hand clash with right side high
  7. Wind up
  8. Big forehand clash high

Crossing and Sticking:

First Corners Cross: cross right shoulders with corner pair, double stepping

Second Corners Stick: Hold stick in middle of R hand.

  1. Swing stick back and strike ground with tip.
  2. Bring stick back up
  3. Clash butts backhand
  4. Clash tips forehand

Then repeat, with second corners crossing and first corners sticking

Swagger Home:

Single Step back to place like end of Swagger Round, with 1 and 2 leading the way (then 3 and 4, then 5 and 6, then 7 and 8). Cross left shoulders (like end of swagger round). End with Clash.


Last chorus: On “Crossing and Sticking,” instead of taking turns, everybody starts with sticking. Then everybody crosses. Insides meet in the middle passing by the others on their right shoulder, then outsides meet in the middle, too. Outsides will be running a little late, especially 7 and 8, so they should cut the crossing short and start single stepping right away to get back in time to end with a clash, facing up with sticks crossed, holding stick in one hand.