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I-91 was written by Tony Barrand for Marlboro Morris and Sword, and is named after the interstate than runs through Windham County.


I-91 at Marlboro Morris Ale (2015)

I-91 at Practice (2019)

I-91 at Marlboro Morris Ale (2012)


Swagger Round: Outside foot; ends with galley up. Must be done quickly, more like skipping than usual, in order for 7 and 8 to be in line for the galley.

Heading Up: Outside foot; 4 double steps, swingbacks, galley up


Heading Down: Inside foot; 4 double steps, swingbacks, galley down


Back to Back: castlering foot; galley away


Hey: castlering foot; galley at end toward castlering foot (see below), passing left shoulders



Main Idea: Go into the center and form a single line facing up in this order (1) first corners (2) second corners (3) everyone. Each of the 4 choruses has a different component, in this order (1) swagger out (2) Lichfield caper (3) scissor caper (4) castlering caper

  • 2 closed (as if you were facing up) sidesteps in to form the line down the middle facing up. You should be in the line by the end of the first sidestep.
  • 2 doublesteps in place
  • Caper (or swagger in the first chorus) according to the order listed above.
  • Galley out with capers back to place


At end of last chorus, instead of galley out do 4 single capers facing up.


Which way do you galley on the hey?

Ends face in, middles face out when you land the galley. Pass left with your partner. This can be described as galleying in the direction of your castle-ring foot (right for 2,4, 5,7; left for 1,3,6,8)

In detail: start by facing your partner, then square as follows: 1,2,7,8: Square out (i.e. facing up for 1,2 and down for 7,8) so that you land facing into the set 3,4,5,6: Square facing in so that you land facing out


Lead in: Two notes
Sequence: "AA AA BBB 𝄆 AABBB 𝄇" AA AA BBB
Song: Lillibulero (in the key of D)