Jean Boardman's Cakes

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Created by the men’s team of Marlboro Morris and Sword. Named for Jean Boardman, proprietress of the Whestone Inn, Marlboro, VT and the delicious cakes she would offer to Morris dancers when they danced a stand at the inn. Windham, too, has been grateful to experience Jean’s generosity.


Jean Boardman's Cakes performed at the Marlboro Morris Ale (c. 2017-19)

Jean Boardman's Cakes at practice (2019)

Jean Boardman's Cakes for Four (2018)

Jean Boardman's Cakes (2012)

Diagram of Jean Boardman’s Cakes movements


Step in Line: outside foot


Crossing Over: outside foot


Back to Back: right foot


Doubling Up: right foot; Note absence of Rounds for 4

Last Chorus: When in inverted set, stay in place for double steps, then end with plain capers where back row comes up (crossing right shoulder) and front row turns individually over right shoulder, tracking partner.


Main Idea: 1st half has intersecting swirly figures that arrive at an inverted set. 2nd half crosses with double steps and concludes with galley home.

Start with inside foot

1st half: middles and ends have very different parts

Middles (3-6):
Doublestep 1: All pass right shoulders through center (right shoulder to imaginary pole in center of set)
Doublestep 2: cloverleaf around through your opposite’s place, a bit further, then curve back in, Doublestep 3: face back across set and move toward your partner a bit
Doublestep 4: turn in (up/down) and hold until end of 4th doublestep

Ends (1,2,7,8):
Doublestep 1: Move into lines facing in (1 and 2 face down, 7 and 8 up). 1 and 8 are in front
Doublestep 2: Go fast up and down the set passing right shoulder
Doublesteps 3 and 4: turn out (2 and 8 toward right, 1 and 7 toward left, i.e. toward your opposite side of the set) and loop back to an “inverted set” (see diagram below)

At end of the first half of the chorus, these are the positions:


8		6		5		7

2		4		3		1

2nd half:

Doublestep 1-2: pass right shoulders up and down set to come to the place opposite your home. End connecting with opposite, facing across.

Galley across, 2 capers back to place

How do you galley? Begin it facing down, land galley facing up in a single line down the middle of the set. Evens are above odds (passing right shoulders)


2nd half of last chorus is different: doublesteps are in place. Then 4 plain capers where back row comes up (crossing right shoulder) and front row turns individually over right shoulder, tracking partner. Ending in row of 8 across. Walk off to left (Should be #2 leading).


Lead in: Once to self
Sequence: Opening Music, then "𝄆 AB 𝄇 AC"; B is first part of Pop Goes the Weasel, C is second part of Pop Goes the Weasel.
Song: Popeye the Sailor Man and Pop Goes the Weasel ("Pop-Pop") (in the key of G)