Newtowne Oak


Written by the men’s team of Marlboro Morris and Sword as an act of gratitude for the ill-fated oak tree bequeathed by Newtowne to MMS on the occasion of a tour hosted by Netowne. The eponymous tree was planted on the campus of Marlboro college, near the field, and then died. The tree was replaced and died several times. Some of the deaths were of natural causes; others were acts of maintenance. A story of how Morris dancing actually does lead to rebirth.


Start with scissor caper at end of once-to-self music.

Step in Line: outside foot, ends with plain capers and clash on beat 4


Crossing Over: outside foot, ends with plain capers and clash. (It is suggested that the second crossing over be less dramatic so that dancers can more easily get back to the set for the clash.)


Back to Back: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash


Rounds for 4: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash


Doubling Up: right foot, ends with plain capers and clash



Main Idea: Wood-splitting clashes, double steps, scissor caper

Sticking: Dancers trade hitting/receiving a clash with a partner up and down the set, then trade clashes across the set.

Up and down: Pairs are 1-3, 2-4, 5-7, and 6-8. Ends hit first, using an axe-like motion (big wind up behind the body, coming down in an overhand arcing motion). Middles receive, holding their stick horizontally above their heads but in front of their body (i.e. not directly over their head, bu nice and high and slightly in front). Actual clash happens on beat 2 of the music– wind up on beat 1. Then trade, middles hitting ends.

Across: Clash with partner across the set. These positions hit first: 1, 4, 6, 7.

Note: this can help dancers remember what order to clash: odds do the same both times (either first both times or second both times). Evens switch (first then second or second then first). In combination with ends hitting first, this is enough to know the whole pattern.

Double steps: 2 double steps

Scissor caper: no clash at end of chorus. Wait to bring stick down until beat 1 of figure.


Last chorus ends face up.