Off to California

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Written by Ted Hodapp of Minnesota Traditional Morris, who shared an instructional video in 2008. It was discovered by Windham in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and started being incorporated into the repertoire beginning summer 2022. Some styling elements are different between Windham and Minnesota Traditional Morris, most notably in the capers.


Minnesota Traditional Morris teach Off to California (2008)


Main Idea: 3 person jig in a triangle (with down: one in back, 2 in front). Rotate clockwise after each part. Capers progress clockwise, starting with front stage right.

2 double steps, 4 swingbacks, 2 double steps, galley R.

1st person (front stage right) capers, 2nd person (front stage left) capers, 3rd person (back) capers, all caper, 2 closed side steps (first one on R foot toward left), galley R

Rotate clockwise to new position at start of double steps.

Caper progression: Lichfield, Scissors, Castlering

Ending: After castlering capers, do one more rotation, which should bring everyone back to their starting positions. After the swingbacks, the back person moves all the way up on the double steps to form a line at front. Instead of galley, end with 4 single capers.


Do people rotate individually before switching positions, as in Barrows House? This is ambiguous.

Music Note

Slows at start of B for capers, switching back to regular tempo for end of chorus.


Lead in: once to self
Sequence: A 𝄆 AB 𝄇 A