Paintbrush Jig

For 3

Music–Cock of the North
Props: Six big paintbrushes and three paint buckets filled with water.

Three dancers walk in to a close circle with buckets, and place them by their right feet.

Chorus: Facing center of circle–
Dip right, flick right, dip right, flick left/Lichfield caper
Dip left, flick left, dip left, flick right/Lichfield caper

Figures: Turn left: one double step traveling out, one double step turning, then one double step back to the next position to your left (finish step with a quick dip) and caper. (At the end each dancer has rotated one position to the left.)

First figure, caper is Lichfield; second scissors; third castle ring.

Finish with castle ring caper: then kick bucket (intentionally) while walking away from middle into crowd.

Notes: Practice escalation: splash audience more than fellow dancers as dance progresses.